Michigan 50 Companies To Watch

DaySmart named one of the
fastest growing
companies in Michigan

DaySmart Software Inc., makers of Salon Iris software, is extremely proud to announce that they have been named one of the Michigan 50 Companies to Watch for 2012. The Michigan 50 Companies to Watch is an award given out every year to companies that demonstrate growth potential and a commitment to Michigan. The award is a program of the Edward Lowe Foundation. The companies selected each year make an astounding impact on Michigan’s economy and they tell a compelling story about the state’s diverse economic landscape. DaySmart Software is proud to be on that prestigious list.

The Edward Lowe Foundation actively promotes entrepreneurship, economic growth, and community development. They endorse the Companies to Watch program in Michigan, Indiana, Colorado, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Florida as a way to drive economic energy and community pride. Other companies that have previously graced the esteemed Michigan list include: Shorts Brewing Company, Grand Traverse Pie Co, and BlueWare Inc. DaySmart Software is extremely pleased to join them.

“Our company is extremely honored to receive this award and recognition. We have a staff of talented and dedicated employees helping this business grow, and we are truly excited for what the future holds.” commented DaySmart Software President, Mark Jackson.

DaySmart Software, Inc. has been developing business management software for over ten years, and their addition to the 2012 Michigan 50 Companies to Watch proves that even in a struggling economy business growth is not only possible, but also profitable.

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